Tuesday, April 12, 2005

John Kerry: Onion Reader

John Kerry (who once celebrated Chanuka in Cambodia) is crying foul over the 2004 election, again. James Taranto from OpinionJournal.com wonders if his latest cry of "trickery" at the polls on election day might have more fiction than fact, more satire than scoop. Kerry stated (without giving proof) that "Leaflets are handed out saying Democrats vote on Wednesday, Republicans vote on Tuesday".

Sorry Kerry, The Onion beat you to that story, Scrappleface beat The Onion. But don't hang your head in shame, even China has taken an Onion story as the truth.

Update: Al Franken beat everyone when he suggested this "trickery" in a comedy bit back in 2000
"If your friends say I'm voting for Bush, just remind them of the rule change. That Republicans get to vote on Wednesday, Nov. 8. Democrats vote on Tuesday and Republicans on Wednesday."
(Hat Tip - BOW)

I went out on the street to see what the people think of John Kerry's charges of "trickery". Here is what I found:
(click for a larger view)

*Onion spoof

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