Thursday, April 21, 2005

Has Hell Froze?

A proposed abortion bill in the Senate would make abortion illegal under certain circumstances, such as a married couple having an unwanted child. The only instances where an abortion would be allowed are in cases where the mother’s health was threatened or if the fetus was conceived through incest or rape.

"I think with the passing of this bill we can stop future mothers from getting away with killing innocent babies" - Democratic Senator

Another bill in the Senate deals with stem cells and would allow scientists to use adult stem cells instead of embryonic stem cells for research aimed at enabling scientists to discover cures for life- threatening diseases like cancer and leukemia. The bill would be funded by allocating money from the Strategic Defense Initiative Act, and NASA and is to be enacted in 2008.

"The bill is needed because it gives scientists the opportunity to find cures because diseases are all around us so stem cells should be explored," - Republican Senator

Take a deep breath and don't bother checking for these quotes on Drudge or the Daily Kos because the senators are students taking part of a High School Model Congress in New Jersey. I thought it was ironic that a Donk was trying to limit abortions and a Republican was looking at cutting defense spending to study stem cells. That would surely be one of the signs of the apocalypse, the next being frogs raining from the sky.

The abortion bill was shot down and the stem cell bill passed leaving the "republican" gloating:

"The passing of the stem cell bill will help scientists save lives, allow people to have longer life spans, and healthier lives as well as bring hope to those who are very ill. The denial of the abortion bill will allow society and future mothers to decide whether they want to bring a child to the world and keep the freedom Americans live for valid," - Republican Senator
Talk about a true "RINO". My next update from the Model Congress will detail the fate of the Electorial college, the draft, and the name of Brittany's kid.