Monday, April 25, 2005

24 Roundup

It's Monday, meaning that 24 will be on Fox tonight. Unlike Desperate Housewives, you don't need a replay of the enire season to get caught up. Here is this season of 24 in a nutshell: Jack Bauer yells into a cell phone, shoots the bad guys, big explosion, and random backup agent dies.

Last week ended just as Jack tricked a liberal lawyer and was about to get into the torture motiff that has ran throughout this season. Previous CTU torture methods failed to lead to any information because they did not let Jack in on the torturing. If Jack had been torturing, 24 would have been renamed 12.

Alas, this week ex-President Palmer has quit doing Allstate commercials and is back to give advice to the new president. Seriously, why would the new president call Palmer? During Palmer's tenure, the US was hit with a nuke and a killer virus. The president soliciting leadership advice from Palmer is akin to Brittany Spears seeking parenting advice from Courtney Love.

Whatever happens tonight on 24, be sure that I will pick it apart on Tuesday.

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