Monday, April 18, 2005

24 Blogging

Some Random 24 Thoughts:

Jefferson City Iowa? There is no Jefferson City Iowa.

So they send in 15 agents to arrest one potential terrorist, but they send in only Jack to pick up the nuclear codes?

The Secretary of State (Dick Cheney look-a-like) stated that the convoy was struck in mountain Iowa? Really?

CTU detains a guy who could lead America to the people who have a nuclear warhead. Leave it to FOX to have a liberal come in and screw things up. A lawyer, called in by a terrorist, from a group called Amnesty Global is sent in to make sure nothing happens to the guy and "due process" is followed. Amnesty International must be steaming right now. If that lawyer knew the extent of the torture that has gone on at CTU in the past few hours.... They tortured a 16 year old boy, the son of the Secretary of Defense, and even one of their own employees! Anyway Jack looks like he is going to pop a cap in the lawyer and terrorist.

In the end the liberal lawyer gets into his Mazda Miata (so he is gay as well) and heads off. The bad guy was escorted to his car and Jack ends up torturing him in his own car, by breaking his fingers. At least he did not give him a "wet willie".

I will have a full post tomorrow.