Wednesday, March 16, 2005

More Google Fun

If you are Dutch and looking for information on TV's #1 action hero who saves the president every season, Jack Bauer... here is what you get from Dutch-Google:

I am a fan of 24, but found it insulting when they started an episode with a PSA to inform the public that 24 is fake and not all muslims are bad. That is why I wrote the Jack Bauer is a Sissy Post. Since the latest bad guy is a red-haired white boy in the Air Force, I would like to see a PSA letting the public know that not all white guys with red hair in the Air Force are not out to kill the president, like on TV. Where is the CWGAF (Coalition of White Guys in the Air Force) on this issue?

I am also #1 for the search "jack bauer is a muslim"