Sunday, March 06, 2005

GOP and the City Milestone: 1 Death Threat

"the gop are the terrorists and the "enemy" as howard dean has said.
you are a problem that will soon be eliminated. i promise you that."
- "billy" (commenting on this post)

When big events happen, sometimes you do not even realize it until someone points it out for you (like when I had my first child - just kidding). Sobek noted that I may have had my very first death threat (sort of)! Click Here to check it out for yourself, I think billy was saying all Republicans will soon be eliminated, but I'm way too caught up in the moment to share with my brothers and sisters on the right. Thanks billy, your grammar sucks.

I have almost 25,000 hits and over 160 posts since August of 2004, should I be upset that it took this long to generate my first threat? I must be doing something wrong, it's time to step on more toes. Here goes: Al Gore would be better used as a lawn jockey. "Paper" should not beat "rock". Chelsea Clinton is still ugly. NHL strike: who cares? Bring the Jets to the West Side, give the Giants to Jersey. Water sucks, Gatorade is better. Democrats are like 3-legged dogs, you would not want them for protection or as a pet, but they are awfully fun to laugh at.

Monday: WWBD - What Would billy Do Contest, I will post more "billy" comments from this site and from one turd he left at Jawa. The contest will be to take the comments and put them other situations. Not sure how it will turn out.