Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Generation Duuhh - Part 4

Chinese House Party

When an SAT prep test asks the students to write an essay, you never know what view or thought you are going to get on paper. The following is an essay from a student who was asked "Is the view of the majority always right?"

What do the TV show Full House, war with China, and a busted house party have in common? Read on to find out. Click on the images for a larger view.

Sounds legit to me. Full House was a good show until the Olsen twins got hot.

Not to squash this kid's creative license, but I don't remember a "Jessica" on the cast of Full House. Click Here for the cast list, no Jessica. I did a little more research and there was an episode titled "Driving Miss DJ", there was no mention of uncle Jessie being forced into letting someone drive. If someone knows the episode that the essay is referring to, let me know.

In the next analysis, our essayist references a movie, The Day Before.

I have never heard of a movie that has the USA losing to China in a war. The closest thing I could think of was Gung-Ho, but that involved a car plant headed by Michael Keaton and Korea. Note the line: "most of America's soldiers die because of a large bomb". So I went to the IMDB database and found The Day Before (2000), which is about a draftee having to choose between basic training or fleeing to Canada during the Vietnam war. You have to give the kid credit, he made up the plot of a movie and tailored it to fit his argument. Just for fun, here is "The Day Before" in Chinese - 頭天 .

Not to overshadow the arguments using false plots for Full House and The Day Before (頭天), in the next paragraph they call out a friend (by name) who got busted for having a party. The author was invited but stayed home because there was booze at the party ("true to my morals"). I guess lying on the previous 2/3rds of the essay is also true to those morals. One sign that Jimmy's party kicked major ass, it ends up in an SAT essay. Hey Jimmy, next time you have a party send me an invite, email me.

Jimmy, send me an invite. Don't bother with this loser; they are not your friend and probably think Stephanie was the hot kid on Full House.

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