Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Cheney Unchained

This story is a little odd. The "news" paper that brought us Bat Boy, aliens, and Elvis now details our VPs wild college days. According to the Weekly World News, Dick Cheney was a nude male model while at the University of Wyoming.
"Of course, back then he went by the name 'Big D___ Cheney,' as he was rather, um, well-endowed -- which put him in great demand."

The show-and-tell story also outs Barbra Boxer as a bachelor party stripper, Ted Kennedy working as a male escort, and Condi posing for Black booty magazine (3 times). They even state that loveable Laura Bush once worked as a fluffer.

Big D. Career Contest:
Expose other public figures and their past careers (Ted Kennedy as a water taxi pilot, George Bush working at Chuck-e-Cheese, etc). Either post comments or email me. Photoshop entries are welcome and will be posted below.

Photoshop entries
To help the Cuban economy, Castro worked part-time as a mall Santa in Havana. He quit after only a few weeks, complaining that most of the kids wanted be an American for Christmas and the head elf refused to imprison them.
- The Man

- Sobek