Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Blogger Death Pool

Sobek has a pool running on which Blogger will be killed and how. I made the list and will now stay clear of alleys. Once I had a crush on Kirstie Alley...I was young and she was not fat, but that is another story. For those looking to cash in on this game, I will not be on the E train around 6-6:15pm. Click Here for the rest of the story.

GOP and the City - After his secret identity is revealed to his fellow New Yorkers, he will be attacked an killed in an alley late one night. The police will not be able to track down his killers using their mind-reading devices because, ironically, the killers
will be wearing official GOP and the City Deflector Beanies.

Jawa is so dead, jedi style
Unabrewer also made the list as did Way of Bass