Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Newsday: Letters To The Editor Part 1

Newsday newspaper is Long Island version of the New York Times, without the objective reporting you get in the Times. No, I am not kidding. It is that bad. So bad, that they have such poor circulation they have had to dupe advertisers by overstating their circulation by around 100,000 copies. In such scams, they admit to giving free subscription trial periods for periods as long as 6 weeks.

They also get the best "Letters to the Editor". They almost read like the overly biased stories published in the paper itself, which ran a Ted Kennedy-like critique of Iraq the week before the Iraqi elections. Here are a few gems published with in the past few days. Over time you start to think if all these liberals are drinking the same flavor Kool-aid. Plus, I just figured out how to use the "blockquote" feature on blogspot.

Nothing noble about Bush
...Bush's aim is to roll back the New Deal to when Herbert Hoover was president. Bush's goal of spreading liberty and freedom around the world is just rhetoric. The war in Iraq has depleted our resources.
Reba Shimansky-Manhattan

Manufacturing a 'crisis'
Like the security crisis manufactured as a pretext for the invasion of Iraq, President George W. Bush and his junta have now set up another "crisis." This time it is Social Security that is to be "rescued." It reminds me of the village in Vietnam that "we had to destroy in order to save it."
Martin Ben-Ari; Arthur Bridenstine - Wheatley Heights

True reverence for life
President George W. Bush and many of his ilk espouse the concept of life, as opposed to those who believe in choice when speaking of abortion. How can he believe in protecting the life of a fetus while deciding to allow the use of assault weapons? How can he believe in protecting the life of a fetus when he believes in pre-emptive strikes against sovereign nations?
Harvey Karron-Coram

Once there was a young man named Alexander who wanted to conquer the world. There also came Caesar, Napoleon, Hitler, among others, who each thought that he, himself, was the chosen one to take over other nations so that he could rule them. Yes, they started out to conquer all but met their fates instead. And now there is George W. Bush.
Adele Federman-Massapequa