Monday, February 28, 2005

Generation Duuhh - Part 3

Red State, Dumb State

My sister works at a test-prep company and has sent over a few examples of essays written by kids trying to get into college.

This young Einstein was supposed to expand on the idea that the majority was right throughout history. Apparently "the majority" are rednecks in the south and "history" is the 2004 election.

Note, " is not always the best to put the people in control". As opposed to the machines? In retrospect, SkyNet be a better alternative?

Apparently, if your state voted for Bush, you are poor and stupid. Also, those poor-stupid red states are not as knowledgeable about the government. The little Michael Moore-wannabe is upset at the "2004 Presidential Elections", I only counted one.

And now for a lesson in southern politics: Southerners watch commercials on TV, then vote for the person who is like a southerner. I wonder why John Kerry never thought run commercials on TV in the south (I am John-Boy Kerry and I want your vote, yeee-haw). "...the media can heavily influence the majority into voting for the candidate that is not right for the people", the student writes. So the media wanted Bush to win? You could have fooled me.

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