Thursday, February 17, 2005

Caption Captain Carter Contest

Caption The Captain
The Navy is commissioning a Nuclear Attack Submarine and naming it after one of the worst presidents ever to reside in the White House. The peacenik Carter now spends his time poo-poohing President Bush, hanging out at the UN, and trying to sell his Nobel Prize on ebay. If Admiral "Bull" Halsey was alive today, he would enter this caption contest.

Top 10 Entries
10) I'd like to announce my new initiative to give this back to Panama.... - Terabitten
9) This is fine, but shouldn't it be yellow? - formercalifornian
8) Naming a nuclear sub after Jimmy Carter is like naming the Justice Department Bldg. after Hillary Clinton - Baynative
7) Jimma Carter holds the submarine named after him..the USS StupidAss - DainBramage
6) This is great, but I ordered freaking tuna on rye! - The Man
5) You engineers are really clever. Where did you put the solar panels? - gary
4) Thanks a Million Guys...Finally a Submarine Scaled to My Intellect - Cornpone
3) Okay you freaking Iranians, let's see you shoot this baby down in the desert. - JustaCowgirl
2) This sub reminds me of the economy when I was President - fat, out of control and sinking fast. - reagan_fanatic

Yes, I gave myself the #1 spot. Come on a quote from Zoolander....It is like throwing down "paper" when everyone else has "rock".
1) What is this? A submarine for ants? How can our sailors be expected to wage war if they can't even fit inside the ship? - The Man

Photoshop entries
"I love this ship"
- The Man

- jakkknif

- Sobek

- The Man

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