Friday, January 21, 2005

Slugging Senator Puts The "a-s-s" In Assault

When reaching out to your constituents, it is best not to use a closed fist.

State Senator Kevin Parker (D - Brooklyn), was charged with third-degree assault on a Ticket Agent for the NYPD. Senator Parker was double parked after being involved in a minor accident. The ticket agent, unaware of the accident, wrote up a ticket for the double-parking. While the officer was in the patrol car writing up the ticket, Parker reached into the car window, tore up the ticket, and threw it in the officer's face. The officer then got out of the car, Parker then punched the officer in the face. The punch-happy senator then tried to drive off, the officer blocked his car, Parker got out and pushed the officer again. Police arrived on the scene and threw the Brooklyn Democrat in the slammer.
Senator Parker has two suspensions and four convictions on his driving license; he can now add assault to that list.