Friday, November 05, 2004

Blue State Blues

Views from a Blue State
Here are some Letters to the Editor from The NY Daily News.

Civics lesson
I'll never vote again. I was told my vote counts, but obviously that went out the window along with my hopes and dreams for a safer, more prosperous, healthier world. I've had enough of my vote being wasted. Let's go destroy the inaugural. Don't we have a constitutional right to overthrow the government? -Grisela Sanabria
--Vote or Die. So your vote only counts when your candidate wins? I voted for George Bush in New York City...Do you think my vote counted for anything? As for a right to overthrow the, but you do have a right to not vote, use it in 2008.

Morning after
Flushing: To all Americans who voted for President Bush: Maybe you'll get it when you're standing on the unemployment line, sending your children off to fight a senseless war and losing your health insurance. -Cindy Bomzer
--Are you talking to me or the Democrats like John Edwards and Tom Daschle who were fired this week? I still have my job and in October 337,000 people were hired nationwide.

Unity this
Brooklyn: Bush will get no unity from New York City. We supported John Kerry because we want no part of Bush's crusades. Yeah, Mr. Bush. We got your unity right here, and it was for Kerry. -David Michaelson

--David, 40% of New York went for Mr. Bush, better than he did in 2000. Plus, it looks like your unity was less for Kerry than it was for "not-Bush". Check the ballot, "not-Bush" was not running and Kerry lost. Get over it.

Not our kind
Manhattan: The country has spoken. Middle America wants an unmanageable war, tax cuts for the rich, massive deficits and extreme right-wing social values. Maybe it's time for the Northeast to secede from those idiots. - William Miller

--Check this map out. Red streches from sea to shining sea. Try this on the map, take your finger and run it right-to-left, you could do that and touch only red without lifting your finger, not so with blue. Now take that finger and shove it up your....

Reasonable dialogues
Whitestone: As a daily reader of all the New York newspapers, I particularly enjoy letters to the editor. I supported John Kerry for President — but I was amazed to see so many really vitriolic letters from some people who were resorting to name-calling of Bush supporters. George W. Bush did win the election fairly, I believe, without any shenanigans. Thus, he deserves, as Kerry stated in his concession speech, support from all Americans. We can only hope that the President and his administration will listen carefully to all the diverse citizens who cast their votes and will be open enough to change previously held views for different approaches when warranted. -Leonore Brooks

--Amen, someone did not drink the DNC Kool-Aid.