Friday, October 01, 2004

Round 1: Draw

I did not get a chance to watch all of the debate last night. From what I did see, this is what I came up with. Neither side provided the KO that the media was hoping for. The post-debate spin was so discusting, I had to turn it off. I have one question for John Kerry. What is a "global test" and do I need a #2 pencil to take it?

Pro: Keep his message, kept his cool, effectively used Kerry's own words against him
Con: Should have done a better job defending his positions
Pro: Turned the debate into an attack on the current administration, made it clear that there are differences in the two candidates
Con: We know you do not like the way Bush is doing the job...but what would you do about it. He did not lay down a strategy. What is a Global test?

In the end, I think Bush came out a little ahead. John Kerry needed to show the world what he would do as a president, he did not. It is much easier to lay out criticism than it is to lay out a clear strategy. If there is one thing the American people do not need, it's more criticism.

Crush Kerry has a blow-by-blow account of the debate here.