Tuesday, October 26, 2004

New Kerry/Edwards Ad Planned

XXXXX GOP and the City XXXXX TUE OCT 26, 2004 13:04:28 ET XXXXX KERRY/EDWARDS CAMPAIGN PREPARING CAMPAIGN AD ON USE OF BAT BOY **Exclusive**:30 spot called "Allies?"

JOHN KERRY: "The obligation of a Commander in Chief is to keep our country safe. In Iraq, George Bush has overextended our troops..."
JOHN KERRY: "...and had to rely on the help of Bat Boy to secure Saddam."
JOHN KERRY: "His Iraq misjudgments put our soldiers at risk, and make our country less secure. And all he offers is more Bat Boy. As President, I'll bring a fresh start to protect our troops and our nation. I will put an end to outsourcing our military operations to Bat Boy. I'm John Kerry and I approved this message.

Parody of Drudge