Monday, October 04, 2004

Kerry's Crib Sheet

Drudge is reporting that Kerry had a little help for the first debate. Personally I think this "papergate" is a losing argument. Unless it was a Viet Cong dart gun which he used to hit Bush with a tranquilizer. Who cares what he brought in? The fact is that he did a good job in the art of criticism, no matter what he had with him, and Bush did had a hard time defending himself from the attacks. I still stand by my guns that Kerry took the easy road by just lobbing urban legends and half-truths instead of telling us what he would do as president. Kerry needed to come in and define himself, he failed to do so. When the media is done loading polls with democrats and falling all over themselves to show that Kerry stomped, maybe they should look at the latest Gallup poll that had 37% of those polled think Kerry is a strong leader, where Bush held 56%. In these troubled times, would you rather have a guy who can spread rumors or one who is a strong leader?

What do I think Kerry had in his pocket? Click here.