Thursday, September 02, 2004

W: Swear Him In Tonight

When President Bush takes the stage tonight, someone should haul out a bible and swear him in for another 4 years. His speech tonight comes on the heels of more poll numbers that show him starting to pull clear of the train-wreck known as the Kerry/Edwards campaign. The John's would do more for their party faithful if they just spared them the remaining months of whining and moaning, send back the donations, and start defrosting Hillary for 2008.

Zell Miller gave the eulogy for the present Democratic party at the Republican convention last night. He will die a Democrat long after the vestiges of this current shell of a party melt away into obscurity. What we saw last night was a man who would not swallow what the democrats were offering. Somewhere on the campaign trail, John Kerry applied for his fourth purple heart after the shelling he took from his fellow democrat.

Cheney's speech was interrupted, but he stayed on track. Any rumors of his departure were put to rest by his speech and the reception by the rocus crowd. He delivered his speech in true Cheney fashion. I am glad he is on our side for another 4 years.