Sunday, September 12, 2004

Show Me State Welcomes Kerry

Protestors demonstrate outside U.S. Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry (news - web sites)'s Town Hall meeting in St. Louis, Missouri, September 10, 2004. The protestor dressed up as a waffle (L), represents the Republicans view of Kerry's stance on the war in Iraq (news - web sites). (REUTERS/Jim Young US ELECTION)

Notice how Reuters thinks you would be dumb enough to think the lady on the right (R) was dressed as a waffle. Also "waffles" represent my view on all of Kerry's many stances, not just Iraq. In fact, only 29% of voters think Kerry has a clear stand on the issues, of course 30% of voters still think Loverboy kicks ass.

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Check out this site, Kerry Waffles

USA Today/CNN/Gallup Poll: Bush is up 55-41 in Missouri. Only 27% think Kerry would be a good president. How you like them apples?