Monday, September 27, 2004

Bush-haters Go Nuclear

Ted Kennedy, who once searched for a lawyer while a woman drowned in his car, has now put out the statement that a second Bush term could bring a nuclear attack. ''The war in Iraq has made the mushroom cloud more likely, not less likely" stated Kerry mouthpiece, Teddy. This begs me to ask the question...How far can this rhetoric go and has Kennedy actually eaten mushrooms before making this outlandish claim? Will the democrats also claim that a second Bush term would also bring locusts, plagues, and a Red Sox World Series title (all 3 signs of the apocalypse)? When is Kerry going to demand that Teddy put down the both the bottle and these claims? I'd like to see Teddy's statement brought up during Thursday's debates. Does Kerry believe that the actions of the United States, in a war that he voted for before he was against it, make us more likely to be on the wrong end of a nuke?

Also, did Kennedy also point out that removing Saddam also made it less likely that the Iraqi dictator would ever continue his research into WMD including nuclear weapons? I think we all know that is much more difficult to stage a nuclear research program from the inside of a jail cell than from a brutal throne. According to John Kerry's latest stance on Iraq, Saddam would be still thumbing his nose at the UN while tinkering with his nuclear program with the billions of dollars he was taking from the Iraqi people in the scam known as the UN's Oil-for-Food program. I like our odds with a second Bush term and Saddam on trial.

Update: Kennedy to blame Bush for this. "Under a second Bush term, we are more likely to be struck by life-ending monster asteroid".

Update: Congress probing UN Oil-for-Food scam.

Update: Edwards implodes on Imus