Wednesday, January 17, 2007

NY Post Booty Poll

Today's NY Post has an interesting poll on what Americans are doing in between the sheets. Since this is a family site somewhat geared towards politics, I will skip all the juicy parts and dish out the boring part about politics in the bedroom.

Other facts not released by the NY Post Booty Poll:
-Democrats are more likely to blame Bush for poor performance in bed; Republicans tend to cite the 2006 election results.

-Republicans may use text messaging to initiate sex with Congressional Pages; Democrats are more likely to use cigars and interns.
-Democrats are more likely to want to have sex with Obama, even though they are not sure why.
-94% of Republicans find it gross that Time magazine's list of emoticons for 2007 included one for those who are "not ashamed to admit I have a slight crush on Nancy Pelosi".

Got other results that were not listed in the Post article? Post them in the comments section and remember to try and keep them somewhat clean.
(Source - NY Post)