Monday, January 08, 2007

New York Smells? Everyone Panic!

Foul Odor Reported
Fire officials report they have received numerous calls for a gas odor in Midtown Manhattan. Also, the gas odor is reported in Brooklyn, Jersey City and Weehawken. The source of the odor has not been identified. Fire crews are investigating the reports.
- 1010 Wins

There's a gas odor that has caused a little panic in Midtown, Brooklyn, and parts of Jersey. Officials are unsure of just about everything regarding the source.

The panic has not hit my company because our HR department assureed us with an email that included this line: "Please do not be alarmed if a gas-like odor starts filtering through the vents". So if the odor was accompanied with some green smoke and a villainous laugh, we should start to panic?

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