Thursday, January 11, 2007

Jersey Lawmaker Creating a Stink

After polluting the air over New York earlier this week; New Jersey isn't done being a foul neighbor. Assemblyman Louis M. Manzo (D-Hudson) wants to sue New York City. "We should sue them, and sue them bad," said Manzo.

Manzo has gone gonzo over more than just the finger pointing. He wants to sue for the environmental damage that New York has supposedly dumped on the Garden State.

Louis, who I think is around 8 years old also stated "Maybe New York should be called the Rotten Apple instead of the Big Apple," Manzo said. "Maybe New York officials should be reminded of the old maxim: "Ye who smelt it, dealt it."

Well Manzo, what about all the trash from New Jersey that comes trhough the bridges and tunnels every night? In order to pay the legal fees, New York should start a Guido tax on anyone riding on NJ Transit after 6pm who's wearing a wifebeater or sports a "running to fast" hair cut.

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