Thursday, January 18, 2007

Generation Duhhh

Teaching American History is very important, especially parts of our history that we are not too fond of. I grew up in a town where a major Civil War battle took place. We learned about the Civil War from our teachers in Tennessee History, US History, and even World History. We were taught the reasons for the Civil War (slavery, states rights, blah blah) and the results.

Every major civilization has its internal conflicts, and America was able to grow into a better place because of it. Now to the story at hand, a school in Clarksville, TN got some attention because of the way they taught the Civil War.

Ringgold Elementary gained national attention this week because of an activity that took place in November, when students were randomly paired as slaves and masters to illustrate pre-Civil War America.
Interesting, however you know that some dumbass student would have to ruin it for all the students.

The activity, which had been in place for four years, drew criticism when one student continued acting out her role as a master in a subsequent class. Math teacher Lettie Kendall said the student told her she didn't have to complete a math assignment because, as a master, she didn't have to listen to Kendall, who is black.

"I said, 'Why aren't you working?' " Kendall recalled. "She jumped out of her chair and said, 'I'm a master.' "
The role-playing activities have been canceled. I'd hate to see what happened when it came time to teach about the Holocaust.

(Source - Tennessean)