Friday, December 15, 2006

Weekend Caption Contest

Castro Caption Contest
(Source - AFP)

Top Entries
6. Dear Diary,Hugo continued with his lecherous advances again today. They are getting harder and harder to resist. I just find his waterhead so damned sexy. I know I shouldn't but I think I'll sleep with him after the big Communist Dictators' New Year's mass hanging and barn dance. - fmragtops
5. Dear The Man,
No, I am not wearing any underwear...Why?
Fidel - sgtfluffy
4. Dear Santa.... - Linda
3. "Dearest Jimmy,
How I pine for the summer evenings we used to spend together. You ignored my human rights abuses just like the snivelling hypocrite you are. Alas, I fear I am not long for this world! Keep in touch, my little peanut.
Ever Leftist,Fidel" - Damian G
2. My Last Will and Testament: Being of sound mind and body, I hereby bequeath free elections to the long-suffering people of Cuba...hah, gotcha! More Communism for everyone! - Pam
1. Better dead AND red. - Wyatt Earp

Photoshop Entries

- The Man


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