Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Letters to the Editor: It's the Democracy Stupid

While it's a barrel of laughs to read Letters to the Editor, sometimes it's much more fun to respond. Especially if the letter is written by a mentally challenged chimp that has a history of penning moronic letters in an attempt to prove that they could be, in fact the biggest tool east of the Hudson River. Someone like say...umm Janice Amato.

The people voted Johnson in
The idea that the enemy (the GOP governor) of a Democratic senator made ill would be the one to appoint his successor - a successor who needs no credentials or merit - is pure madness ["Riveted on his recovery," News, Dec. 15]. The idea that one senator's dying could shift the entire balance of power of a nation is even more insane.

This is almost as sick as Al Gore's getting 600,000 more votes than George W. Bush but still losing because of our politically connected and corrupt political system. Our government is a disgrace, and no one is lifting a finger to fix it. It also angers me that we still call the United States a democracy when it is nothing of the sort.We must demand a change. Our election process is a farce.
Janice Amato - Manhattan

Something makes me wonder if Janice had the same opinion about the fragile balance of power when Jim Jeffords decided to leave the GOP in 2001 (without dying no less) which gave the balance of power she holds so dear, to the Democrats. My magic 8-ball says "No".

By the way, if the name "Janice Amato" sounds familiar, well she happens to have written into AMNY a few weeks ago calling Republicans "sexually depraved". Nice. She also wrote a great letter mocking President Bush's tax cuts with a classic quote: "Do MUGGER and other right-wing dorks suggest that the tax cuts did, in fact, turn our economy around? The biggest tax cuts in history should equal the biggest economic boom in history, no?"

Back to her tirade in Tuesday's edition of Newsday, I could not let her get away with at least one of her poorly quoted points. Here's the letter I emailed Newsday (who once again, failed to print my response).
Regarding Janice Amato's letter (The people voted Johnson in). She states "It also angers me that we still call the United States a democracy when it is nothing of the sort." This would be the only point of her screed that Janice is right about. The United States is not a democracy, it is a Constitutional Republic. Before people like Janice Amato start ripping apart our political system, it would make sense for them to pick up a social studies book first.
One day, Newsday or AMNY will stop posting pictures of people throwing out a shocker and print one of my letters, but I won't hold my breath.

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