Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Hot Wing Playoff Guide

The last time I posted a recap from our fantasy football league, The Hot Wing Conspiracy, my team (Robots Eat Babies) had just pulled off a victory and looked like a team heading to the playoffs.

Well three weeks (and losses) later...my team failed to make the playoffs.

Alas, with the next couple of weeks free to check on my other teams that did make the playoffs, I'll also follow and report on our league's final weeks leading up to the crowning of The Hot Wing Champion!

For a list of how our scores work, click here.

Hot Wing Playoff Guide
Week 1 of the playoffs have arrived and here how the remaining teams are divided up and a quick summary of each team.

(1) San Jose Arrowheads (11-3)
Weekly Average - 60.6 points
3 Key Players - Shaun Alexander, Brett Favre, and Willie Parker
Fast Willie Parker leads SJA with a 137 total points which puts him in 5th place overall. Farve faces a weak Detroit team and should do well. Baltimore's Defense plays Cleveland, so expect them to rack up some points on the lowly Browns. You know you have a good team when you can relegate Shaun Alexander to your WR/RB position (basically the DH of fantasy football).

(2) The Columbia CRUNCH (10-4)
Weekly Average - 58.7 points
3 Key Players - Larry Johnson, Tom Brady, and Chester Taylor
The CC had a rough final week, scoring only 4 points against the worst team in the league (The Hot Wing Chumpions). Larry Johnson's points can beat a team on their own...which I think did happen this season. However, TCC is pretty weak when LJ is held in check.

(3) Tax Dodgers (9-4-1)
Weekly Average - 61.5 points
3 Key Players - Drew Brees, Jay Feely, Miami
Tax Dodgers have a great kicker and strong defense. Spending too much time on Special Teams have not hurt the Dodgers, as they finished the season with a 105-69 point victory. If Drew Brees can put together a few more quality starts, the TDs could go deep into the playoffs.

(4) Gridiron Wookies (8-6)
Weekly Average - 55.7 points
3 Key Players - Jason Elam, Darrell Jackson, Tony Romo
The Tony Romo show moves into the playoffs. The Wookies rely heavily on Romo and special teams. Beyond those dudes, the Wookies are pretty weak.

(5) bRight & Early (8-6)
Weekly Average - 55.4 points
3 Key Players - Steven Jackson, Matt Hasselbeck, Brian Westbrook
Why does he have Matt Hasselbeck starting QB? The answer is that Alex Smith is his backup. B&E is one of the more bipolar teams in the league. In their 8 wins, B&E won by an average of 22 points. However in their 6 loses, B&E lost by an average of 16 points. Which team will show up?

(6) webcats (8-6)
Weekly Average - 52.7 points
3 Key Players - LaDainian Tomlinson, LaDainian Tomlinson, LaDainian Tomlinson
LaDainian Tomlinson scored a league high 272 points this season, that's 21 points a game (including one bye week)! The next highest point total was Drew Brees 85 points behind LT. Webcats won their last game 62-29, LT scored 26.

(7) The Ball Sackers (7-7)
Weekly Average - 58.6 Points
3 Key Players - Jacksonville, Terrell Owens, Ryan Longwell
TBalls have had a problem of getting their asses handed to them on bad days. During week 8, TBS lost by 43 points. In fact, the 7 games they lost were by an average of 25 points. After winning their first 5 games, the Sackers only managed 2 more wins over 9 weeks. I smell
Consolation bracket.

(8) Hector Vex O-Trons (7-7)
Weakly Average - 48.9 Points
3 Key Players - Josh Scobee, Donald Driver, Philadelphia
Hector took bigger hits than Nicole Ritchie at a Snoop Dogg party. Earlier this year The Vex's had a 61 point drubbing to go along with ones of 44 and 35 points. Hector has Jason Campbell starting at QB, which should be one of his last mistakes this season.

Here's how I think the playoffs will play out. Let me know what you think. Post your comments/predictions in the comments or link to a post on your site.