Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Tin Hat Wednesday

Today's edition of The Tennessean has many Nashville residents taking off their Tin Foil Cowboy Hats and celebrating.

Jet trails just water vapor, not sprayed chemicals, experts say
The trails that jets leave behind grow, creating thin, cirrus-style clouds that aviation officials say result from water vapor from engine exhausts and in the air turning to ice crystals.
Thanks "experts"! However common sense and a little science is not enough for some of the crazies in Music City.

Scott and Guy Avery, a local running coach, disagree, pointing to articles and talk on the Internet alleging that the government is spraying chemicals from planes, perhaps for experimentation.
Because everything you read on the internet is true?

However this could explain a the fact that Fox's TV show COPS is often filmed in Nashville. The government's spraying is obviously causing people to move into trailers, grow mullets, and beat their wife/aunt. How about Tennesseans unhealthy obsession with Peyton Manning? Has anyone questioned the contents of a Goo-Goo Cluster? Hmm...

(Source - Tennessean)