Wednesday, November 15, 2006

My hometown smells like cat piss

From The Tennessean via my sister

Franklin city officials say they have gotten several complaints from homeowners, business owners, and others about a strange odor that sometimes wafts through the downtown area.
People have described the smell as being like that of cat urine.
I hope the police have not ruled out the Brentwood High School Senior class. When I was at Franklin High, they came over and shot our car windows as a senior prank. We burned a rebel flag on their 50 yard line with gasoline.

As a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, we dumped deer urine in the Kappa Alpha house. That and a crap-load of noisy crickets. Oh and some of our pledges pee'd in their shampoo. Then we stole their knight statue, dressed it in drag, and put it on top of a dorm for the police to find. We also turned off their water during a party. Or the time we stole all their group photos and replaced them with ours. Then when one of our brothers "George" got drunk and spent 2 hours peppering their house and anyone who got near it with a BB gun. We also stole their IFC Basketball Championship trophy and displayed it as ours until they stole it back(to this day, there's a nasty note from me inside the trophy).

Good times.

Update: My sister reminded me when we stole the KAs furniture and replaced it with ours. It stayed that way for a few weeks until their pledges switched them back.