Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Libtard Quote of the Day

The USS Intrepid fought the Japs in WW2, the Communists in Korea and Vietnam, and is now fighting mud in the Hudson River. The aged warship is headed for a much needed $60 million renovation in New Jersey. The ship was supposed to be towed away yesterday, but it still sits at it's pier after a failed attempt by six tug boats to move the huge ship.

The reason Intrepid remains stuck, is because it has sat at the same spot since 1982 and the Hudson River mud that has accumulated under her for 24 years will not let go.

Leave it to Newsday's free daily newspaper AMNY to find a couple of libtards to provide a Bush-Cheney quote about why the WWII aircraft carrier would not move.

Was the move botched or bad luck? Post your most libtarded answer in the comments section. Here is mine:

"Bush's warship is stuck in a quagmire because they rushed to tow without asking the French for help."