Wednesday, November 15, 2006

CNN: Taye Diggs is like Jack Bauer

ABC's also optimistic about "Day Break." The high-concept thriller is replacing "Lost" for 12 weeks beginning Wednesday at 9 p.m. EST with a two-hour premiere. Diggs stars as Brett Hopper, a cop who must relive the same day over and over in order to clear himself of murder. Think "Groundhog Day" meets "24." - CNN
Comparing a TV show (who's own previews make it look boring) to Bill Murry's Groundhog Day and Jack Bauer's 24 is sacrilegious at best. This show is the second worst idea for a TV show, nearly edging out OJ's new show "If I Did It'' for the title.

I hear Jack Bauer is thinking about putting off saving the world (again) in order to fly to Atlanta and slap the author of this comparison. Seriously, that's like comparing K-Fed to The Beatles and 2-Pack.

I feel another 24 Point/Counterpoint coming on.