Friday, November 03, 2006

Barack-a-palooza Hits New Jersey

The media-lovefest of Barack Obama came to New Jersey yesterday to stump for some guy.

In fact, New Jersey voters may be surprised to find Obama not on the ballot. The news coverage looked like Bob Menendez and the reporter were stumping for Obama and not the other way around.

Click Here for a video of the love-fest.

Here's what the news report has Barack saying before launching into its glowing endorsement of the potential 2008 presidential candidate.

"What's going on Hoboken"
"Please give it up for not only current junior Senator from New Jersey but the future Senator from New Jersey, give it up for Bob Menendez."

Truly prolific.

The next 5 minutes of the news report is a running commercial with a small comment by Menendez's Republican opponent sandwiched in by a flowing commercial no doubt approved by Obama 2008.