Thursday, November 30, 2006

I Have Never Taken A Bribe

William Jefferson Ad: "I Have Never Taken A Bribe"

On the videotape to which Jefferson is referring, the FBI informant actually is captured giving Jefferson the briefcase filled with $100,000 in cash as an intended bribe for the Vice President of Nigeria -- not Jefferson himself, so he does have a point.

Of course, despite the fact that Jefferson subsequently told the informant that he'd passed on the cash (which he cryptically referred to as "African art") to Nigerian VP Atiku Abubakar as discussed, a FBI raid of Jefferson's home found $90,000 of the intended bribe in Jefferson's freezer. - TPMuckraker

It's obvious that Jefferson's clean and that only his refrigerator takes bribes.

Word of the Year

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My word? "Shat-tastic"

Read My Lips

Remember how we promised to implement all the 9/11 commissions recommendations?
No? Good!

It was a solemn pledge, repeated by Democratic leaders and candidates over and over: If elected to the majority in Congress, Democrats would implement all of the recommendations of the bipartisan commission that examined the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

But with control of Congress now secured, Democratic leaders have decided for now against implementing the one measure that would affect them most directly: a wholesale reorganization of Congress to improve oversight and funding of the nation's intelligence agencies.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Birthday Greetings for Castro

Illness forces Castro to bow out of birthday celebrations
AILING Cuban leader Fidel Castro told hundreds of admirers who traveled to Havana for his delayed 80th birthday celebration that he was not well enough to meet with them. - Scotsman

Death is an illness?

Poor Fidel Castro is too "ill" to eat cake so I decided to send him some birthday cheer by creating a birthday card for him.

I am going to send this to the US Interest Section in Havana

From GOP and College

Feel free to leave your birthday wishes in the comments section or create a card of your own and email it to me.

More Uses for Castro's Corpse
Still Yet Another 101 Uses for Castro's Corpse
Yet Another 101 Uses for Castro's Corpse
101 More Uses for Castro's Corpse
101 Uses for Castro's Corpse
Where in the World is Fidel?

Tin Hat Wednesday

Today's edition of The Tennessean has many Nashville residents taking off their Tin Foil Cowboy Hats and celebrating.

Jet trails just water vapor, not sprayed chemicals, experts say
The trails that jets leave behind grow, creating thin, cirrus-style clouds that aviation officials say result from water vapor from engine exhausts and in the air turning to ice crystals.
Thanks "experts"! However common sense and a little science is not enough for some of the crazies in Music City.

Scott and Guy Avery, a local running coach, disagree, pointing to articles and talk on the Internet alleging that the government is spraying chemicals from planes, perhaps for experimentation.
Because everything you read on the internet is true?

However this could explain a the fact that Fox's TV show COPS is often filmed in Nashville. The government's spraying is obviously causing people to move into trailers, grow mullets, and beat their wife/aunt. How about Tennesseans unhealthy obsession with Peyton Manning? Has anyone questioned the contents of a Goo-Goo Cluster? Hmm...

(Source - Tennessean)

Monday, November 27, 2006

Baseball Hall of Fame 2007 Ballot

The 2007 MLB Hall of Fame ballot includes some dubious characters that most baseball fans wish would just go away. This year three steroid abusers: Ken Caminiti, Jose Canseco, and Mark McGwire are all on the ballot. In 2012 Barry Bonds will be added to that list.

However, I think the Baseball Gods are working to make sure these cheats never make it to the hall. Jose Canseco's name is misspelled on the ballot listed on the website. They have it spelled "Conseco". Mark Maquire and Harry Bonds could not be reached for comment.

To have the "Three Juiced Amigos" on the same list with Lee Smith and Cal Ripken Jr is a disgrace to baseball.

An inside source at the Hall has leaked me an actual copy of this year's ballot that is about to be mailed out to sports writers around the country. Check it out.

Here are the players who will be on the 2007 ballot. I have bolded the ones who I think actually deserve to be on the list:
Harold Baines, Albert Belle, Dante Bichette, Bert Blyleven, Bobby Bonilla, Scott Brosius, Jay Buhner, Ken Caminiti, Jose Canseco, Dave Concepcion, Eric Davis, Andre Dawson, Tony Fernandez, Steve Garvey, Rich Gossage, Tony Gwynn, Orel Hershiser, Tommy John, Wally Joyner, Don Mattingly, Mark McGwire, Jack Morris, Dale Murphy, Paul O'Neill, Dave Parker, Jim Rice, Cal Ripken Jr., Bret Saberhagen, Lee Smith, Alan Trammell, Devon White, and Bobby Witt.

Real Fans Burn Things

Congress party activists burn posters of Indian cricket players to protest the team's poor performance in Bhopal, India.
It's a good thing that these guys are not NY Giants fans.

NYC City Councilman Calls for Violence Against Police

"Don't ask us to ask our people to be peaceful while they are being murdered. We're not the only ones that can bleed."
-Charles Barron (D) NYC City Council
The shooting of an unarmed man in Queens this weekend has tension between citizens and police at a boiling point. An investigation is underway and justice will be done. At this point all we know is that an unarmed groom is dead after police fired 50 times at his vehicle. The police involved in the shooting have had their guns and badges taken away until the investigation is complete.

The community is outraged at this tragedy, as they should be. But what does not need to happen is for former Black Panther member Charles Barron to incite people to put themselves in harms way by taking up vigilante-style justice against the NYPD who are there to protect and serve. There are good cops who could get hurt by Barron's callous words.

Charles Barron could have been a hero and called for calm. Barron could have given his fellow citizens hope. But he didn't.

Instead he is trying to incite violence and fear. What else did you expect from a man who loves Castro and hates the military.

You can check out the video, ironically titled "An appeal for calm after fatal NYPD shooting" on the 7online website.

Friday, November 24, 2006

24 - Coming Soon

Jack Bauer Law #113: You're not in pain until Jack Bauer tells you are in pain.

Remember to check Blogs4Bauer for all things 24.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Holiday Caption Contest

Pardon Me Caption Contest
(Source - AP)

Top Entries
5. Bush Pardons the Turkey, Dems want to impeach the lame Duck. - The Man
4. "See kids? This is Nancy Pelosi before she puts her makeup on." - Pam

2. Kid's 'Talk Turkey' with a Lame Duck - Troll
1. Poor turkey has two small breasts and one left wing.
-Rodney Dill

Photoshop Entries


Poor turkey has two small breasts and one left wing.
-Rodney Dill

"...and this is why I'll never support cloning or stem cell research."
-Rodney Dill


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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

All your bsae are belong to us.

All your bsae are belong to us.
(Source - AFP)

Update: I did not photoshop this. This image can be found on the Yahoo News site and Reuters also has a photo (I know it's not the most reliable source).

If I did photoshop this photo, here's how it would look.

Photoshop Contest
IMAO is asking people to come up with their own sign.

If you have an idea or a photoshop, either post a link to this post or email me.

Hot Wing Recap: Week 11

It's Week 11 in the Hot Wing Conspiracy Fantasy Football League. Out of 16 teams, every team is still in the playoff hunt. Wait, this just in, the Hot Wing Chump-ions have been mathematically eliminated from the playoffs. The 2005 Hot Wing Champions are this year's version of the Florida Marlins. A true riches to rags story.

For a list of how our scores work, click here.

The Ball Sackers - 39
Robots Eat Babies - 46
I don't know who to feel sorry for more: Eagles fans, Donovan McNabb, or Fantasy football owners who had Donovan McNabb on their team. Either way, the Eagles got smoked by the Titans this past weekend and had the star of so many Campbells Chunky Soup ads go down for the season. Sorry, Tony Romo is no longer on the waiver wire.
MVP - Donovan McNabb's injured leg.
Goat - Kevin Jones RB - (4 Rushes, 8 Yards)

Gridiron Wookies - 59
bRight & Early - 47

GW got a poor performance from Romo, but Jamal Lewis got some insane points (22) to win his 7th game against only four losses.
MVP - Jamal Lewis RB - 22 Points (3 TDs)
Goat - Tony Romo QB - -2 Points (1 Sack, 1 Fumble, 1 INT)

Hector Vex O-Trons - 44
Hot Wing Chump-ion - 36
The Chumpions magic number is 1. That is, if they lose one more game the league's cellar will be theirs. The worst team in fantasy football lost again this week, while Hector stayed in the playoff hunt.
MVP - Josh Scobee K - 15 Points (4/4 FG, 2/2 PAT)
Goat - QBs - Steve McNair - 2 Points / Charlie Frye -7 Points

Gumbo - 30
fmragtops' spewers - 49

Gumbo is doing pretty well considering he hasn't changed his lineup in a long time. He would have come up with another win if it was not for the Chicago Bears Defense.
MVP - Chicago DEF - 16 Points (2 Sacks, 2 Ints)
Goat - Trent Green QB - -2 Points (1 Fumble, 2 Sacks)

Buck Turgidson - 42
I hate Hillary - 10

Irony is a sick bitch. IHH's 10 point turd is the lowest point total since Buck's team lost 39-2 in Week 6. This puts him tied with webcats (who also scored only 10 points in Week 5) as the second biggest weekly losers. If you take Mark Bulger out of the picture, the score would have been a more respectable 24-42.
MVP - Mark Bulger QB - -14 Points (1 Int, 5 Sacks)
Goat - Mark Bulger QB - -14 Points (1 Int, 5 Sacks)

webcats - 49
RFTR - 58

The Shortest Name Bowl winner is RFTR. If he ever checks his team, he would see that his TE is pumping gas at an BP in Paramus.
MVP - LaDainian Tomlinson RB - 32 Points (4 TDs, 105 YDs Rushing)
Goat - Brad Johnson QB - -3 Points (1 Int, 3 Sacks, 1 Fumble)

San Jose Arrowheads - 50
The Columbia CRUNCH - 90

San Jose got smoked, which does not matter because they are the first team to clinch a playoff berth at 9-2. With Brett Favre at the helm, San Jose could see some rocky roads ahead and I'm not talking about ice cream. TCC is 8-3 and faces the formidable Robots Eat Babies next week.
CoMVP - Tom Brady QB - 24 Points (4 TDs, 244 YDs Passing)
CoMVP - Larry Johnson RB - 21 Points (2 TDs, 154 YDs Rushing)
Goat - Brett Favre QB - -1 Point (1 Sack, 73 YDs Passing)

Tax Dodgers - 61
Rose Hill Reddogs - 67

The 4-7 RedDogs eked out a win against the 7-3 Taxers. The win keeps RHR two wins ahead of the Chumpions for the cellar. The final 3 games for RHR are against teams with a combined record of 21-12 so they still have a shot at the cellar, here are the scenarios for that to happen:
1) RHR loses all 3 games and ends up with a 4-10 record AND Hot Wing Chumpions win at least two of their final games
2) Hot Wing Chumps loses 1 of 3 games and end up with a 4-9-1 record AND RHR loses 2 games and ties one.
MVP - Chad Johnson - WR - 29 Points (190 YDs Receiving, 3 TDs)
Goat - Randy Moss - WR - 0 Points (1 Catch, 8 Yards)

Canadian Invasion

Canadian forces storm Lejeune

CAMP LEJEUNE, N.C. — Canadian military members stormed the beaches here last Friday. -
Marine Times
There you have it. Canadian forces invaded our East Coast last Friday! This is the first we hear about it? I know the media is busy interviewing PS3 Nerds and Wii Geeks, but to ignore a major military operation against our country is really irresponsible, but predictable?

It's obvious that, without a draft, our military cannot expect to hold out for very long against the Canadian military. Therefore, I would like to welcome our Canadian overlords to America, ehhhh. On behalf of my family, and my tens of readers: Welcome to America or as I like to call it New Canada.

Personally, I look forward to free health care, Mounties, and the Canadian dollar. About that free health care, Canada's population has now jumped from 32 million to 332 million or an increase of 920%. Can I go ahead and fill my prescriptions before the lines form?

Did I mention that I'm all abbboouuutt hockey? Forget all that fluff in the NFL, MLB, NBA, AFL, and WNBA - The NFL is where it's at. The first thing we should do is remove NHL teams from the south and put them back in Canada! The second will be to change the NFL to CFL rules - 110 yards of Canadian Football Action.

I will not grow a mullet or speak French, that's where I draw a line.

Everyone join me in a round of O Canada.

O Canada! Our home and native land!
True patriot love in all thy sons command.
With glowing hearts we see thee rise,
The True North strong and free!
From far and wide, O Canada,
We stand on guard for thee.
God keep our land glorious and free!
O Canada, we stand on guard for thee!
O Canada, we stand on guard for thee!

Monday, November 20, 2006

The Buck Stops Here

First came the Sacagawea dollar. Now, ironically, another Native American will be forced out by our founding fathers. The U.S. Mint announced that a new dollar coin will be released in 2007 and will feature US Presidents.

The first coin will carry George Washington and will be released in 2007 along with Adams, Jefferson, and Madison. Four coins will be released each year. George HW Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Hillary Clinton's coins all come out in 2017.

Each coin will detail the dates of the President's term and order in which they served.

An inside source at the mint has given me several of the top secret unique features that will come out with each coin:

- The Andrew Johnson coin can be redeemed for 40 acres and a mule.
- Rubbing a British Pound and the James Madison coin will cause the Madison coin to burn.
- Don't rub the Bill Clinton coin.
- The Grover Cleveland coin will be released twice.
- US Mint has already printed a Barack Obama coin.
- The Teddy Roosevelt coin can only be used in North or South America.
- The Howard Taft coin weighs 2 pounds.
- Despite my lobbying, there will not be a President David Palmer coin.
- They kicked me out of the Mint for asking about a President Mackenzie Allen coin.
- William Henry Harrison's coin is a limited edition, only available for 30 days.
- The Jimmy Carter coin will cost you $10 to purchase, but will only be worth 25 cents.

Have other ideas for coin features? Post them in the comments.

Linked on the OTB Traffic Jam

Reach Out and Bomb Someone

Palestinians yesterday stopped Israel from destroying the home of two militants by surrounding it with a human shield.
In the first incident of its kind, hundreds of neighbours surrounded the home of Mohammed Baroud and climbed on its roof after he received a call from the Israeli army informing him he had 30 minutes to vacate his home before it was destroyed by missiles.
The Israeli airforce called off its strike because of the risk of killing a large number of civilians. It is the first time Palestinians have thwarted an Israeli air strike in this way. Israel has developed a strategy of telephoning its targets to ensure that nobody is inside when the homes are struck. Residents are given about half an hour to gather some clothes and escape. Neighbours are also contacted if the explosion is likely to be big enough to endanger them.

I guess there's a way to prevent this from happening again....Don't call ahead. I do not seem to recall suicide bombers calling ahead to warn people to get out of a bus.

Two hours later Israel warned Mohammed Nawajeh, a member of Hamas, that his house would be targeted and the same process occurred. Both men are accused by Israel of involvement in firing rockets at Israel.

If I were the head of the Israeli Air Force, I'd call Mohammed Baroud and let him know that we were going to bomb his house in 30 minutes. Then send the planes over to Mohammed Nawajeh's house. It would be like a flea-flicker with bombs.

(Source - Guardian UK)

Time for a Flashback: 11/21/2005

Al-Qaeda in Iraq leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi didn't die until June of 2006, but rumors about his death seemed to come around once a week in 2005. One rumor about Zarqawi that caught my eye also turned out to be untrue.

A blogger over at New York Young Republican Record let this one slip:

Friday, November 17, 2006

A-List Blogger
Wyatt is only a B-List blogger.

Weekend Caption Contest

The Wrong Stuff Caption Contest
(Source - Wonkette)

Top Entries
5. Tony's p-shop entry
4. The first monthly meeting of the Fetus Elimination Sub-committee went off without a hitch. - jimmyb
3. Steny: I'm gad to see you smiling. I thought you'd be angry with me.
Nancy: I'm not smiling. It's the Botox. - Sobek
2. Murtha: "I would have had a leadership position if it weren't for those meddling kids!" - Wyatt Earp
- Cowboy Blob

Photoshop Entries
-The Man

- Cowboy Blob

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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Letters to the Editor

November 16, 2006 - AMNY
What fun to read letters from conservative election-losers! Who's whining, angry and adrift now? Really? The same party who made 'Sore and Loserman' bumper stickers after 2000's stolen election? That macho party of guns, the death penalty, stay the course, fend for yourselves, up with God and down with gays? Poor babies!
--J. Andrew Smith, Bloomfield, N.J.
10/3/2006 - NY Post
Chavez is right - Bush is the devil and he believes he owns the world.
That's exactly why I do get my gas at Citgo.
Venezuela is the only oil-producing nation with a democratically elected leader. In 2000, even Bush couldn't truthfully say that.
J. Andrew Smith - Bloomfield, N.J.
9/23/2006 - NY Daily News
-J. Andrew Smith
Bloomfield, N.J.: Hugo Chavez is right. George W. Bush is the devil and does believe he owns the world. That’s why I get gas at Citgo: Most of its oil is from Venezuela, the only oil-producing nation with a democratically elected leader. In 2000, even Bush couldn’t truthfully say that.
J. Andrew Smith sounds like he's the sore "election-loser who's whining, angry". It's true that some Conservatives are upset about the recent elections, but Smith is still whining about the 2000 election. Dude, that was 6 years ago.

Plus, Mr. Smith is not even original with his Bush rants. He basically writes the same thing to different papers.

For those of you who enjoy these letters, you may recall that I blasted another J. Andrew Smith letter to the editors of AMNY back in February. He called for Republicans to go and shoot each other (ala Dick Cheney), which prompted me to write a scathing letter to AMNY which was not published (shocking).

Here are some previous Letters to the Editor posts:
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Letters to the Editor: Janice off her meds
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Letter to the Editor

Deep-fried American flags surprisingly not a hit in Tennessee

CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. — An exhibit that featured slogans written on American flags and small American flags that had been deep-fat fried was taken down a day after it opened at Clarksville's Customs House Museum.

The Fat is in the Fire" exhibit was censored because it could be considered offensive by museum members, said museum director Ned Crouch.

The exhibit, which opened Tuesday, featured three American flags with words printed on them and dozens of small American flags deep-fat fried in peanut oil, egg batter, flour and black pepper.
-The Tennessean

Clarksville is home to Fort Campbell and I could imagine a few members of the 101st Airborne might be upset that this "artist" is deep-frying American flags. Even if his parents were both in the military.

Deep fry twinkies, oreos, chicken, turkey...not Old Glory.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

CNN: Taye Diggs is like Jack Bauer

ABC's also optimistic about "Day Break." The high-concept thriller is replacing "Lost" for 12 weeks beginning Wednesday at 9 p.m. EST with a two-hour premiere. Diggs stars as Brett Hopper, a cop who must relive the same day over and over in order to clear himself of murder. Think "Groundhog Day" meets "24." - CNN
Comparing a TV show (who's own previews make it look boring) to Bill Murry's Groundhog Day and Jack Bauer's 24 is sacrilegious at best. This show is the second worst idea for a TV show, nearly edging out OJ's new show "If I Did It'' for the title.

I hear Jack Bauer is thinking about putting off saving the world (again) in order to fly to Atlanta and slap the author of this comparison. Seriously, that's like comparing K-Fed to The Beatles and 2-Pack.

I feel another 24 Point/Counterpoint coming on.

My hometown smells like cat piss

From The Tennessean via my sister

Franklin city officials say they have gotten several complaints from homeowners, business owners, and others about a strange odor that sometimes wafts through the downtown area.
People have described the smell as being like that of cat urine.
I hope the police have not ruled out the Brentwood High School Senior class. When I was at Franklin High, they came over and shot our car windows as a senior prank. We burned a rebel flag on their 50 yard line with gasoline.

As a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, we dumped deer urine in the Kappa Alpha house. That and a crap-load of noisy crickets. Oh and some of our pledges pee'd in their shampoo. Then we stole their knight statue, dressed it in drag, and put it on top of a dorm for the police to find. We also turned off their water during a party. Or the time we stole all their group photos and replaced them with ours. Then when one of our brothers "George" got drunk and spent 2 hours peppering their house and anyone who got near it with a BB gun. We also stole their IFC Basketball Championship trophy and displayed it as ours until they stole it back(to this day, there's a nasty note from me inside the trophy).

Good times.

Update: My sister reminded me when we stole the KAs furniture and replaced it with ours. It stayed that way for a few weeks until their pledges switched them back.

The Wrong Stuff

What is up with John Kerry in the background? I guess if you know, education, if you make the most of it, you study hard...

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Global Warming My Ass

While New York enjoys another weekend of mid 50s and raking leaves, Al Gore's home state may see snow.

National Weather Service meteorologists predict a small chance that the air temperature will dip low enough on Sunday for freezing rain or snow, a rare local weather event for mid-November. If it snows, it shouldn't be very disruptive: The predicted low is 38 degrees, a temperature that's just low enough for sleet or snow and just high enough for it to melt pretty quickly.
- Tennessean
So Nashville may get a trace of snow that will likely melt as soon as it hits the ground. You know what that means?

Looking back at the winters I spent in the south as a youth is even more comical now that I have weathered a 19-inch snow storm where I had to work the next day in New York. Back in Tennessee, we got out of school for the smallest amounts of snow. Hell, we got out of school once because it was raining and they were afraid it would turn to snow (it didn't).

Even more comical is the inevitable rush to the local supermarkets (like Kroger) for vital supplies to sit out the "blizzards". Trying to find toilet paper, bread, and milk in the days leading into potential flurries should be a new game show.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Rudy is Running


Former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani has taken the first step in a 2008 presidential bid, filing papers to create an exploratory committee, Republican sources tell CNN

11/4/2004 - "GOP and the City endorses Rudy Giuliani for President in 2008"

Governors Gone Wild

Have you ever wondered what newly elected Governors of New York do when the election ends and the partying begins? The NY Daily News answers that with a new DVD, Governors Gone Wild. This film details the one-man party machine that is Eliot Spitzer and the film crews attempt to have him take off his shirt.

Governors Gone Wild is only available via the web and costs $19.99 plus shipping & handling. Order today, supplies are limited (thank God). Order in the next 15 minutes and we will throw in Governors Gone Wild: Wacky Pataki for FREE! Act now, operators are standing by.

Check out The Daily News Photo Gallery for more shirtless balding-action.

Check out the Urban Elephants Caption Contest if you dare.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Weekend Caption Contest

Democrats control the Congress and Rutgers is being heralded as a College football powerhouse. So, maybe it's time to move Planet Earth in a new direction. Nick Pope, the head of the UK's head of the Ministry of Defense UFO project, claims that Aliens could attack us at any moment.

A New Direction Caption Contest
How would the Democrats and/or Republicans handle the sudden arrival of Aliens?

Top Entries
7. Marvin: "Can I see Uranus?" - Wyatt

5. I have this disturbing mental image of a bunch of liberal protestors outside a government detention center waveing placards that read: "facehuggers have rights, too!" and "habeas corpus rights for chestbursters!" - Sobek
-Cowboy Blob

3. The Dems will perceive them as potential voters & fast track them to citizenship. The Republicans (some) will want to build a fence around Earth to keep them out. - Renee
2. When aliens arrive, the Dems will blame Bush, and then raise taxes and disarm private citizens as defensive measures. Then, 6.4 seconds after that they will, of course, surrender. -jimmyb

-The Man

Photoshop Entries


-Cowboy Blob

-The Man

-Rodney Dill

-Cowboy Blob

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Caption Contest Classic (11/11/05)
Swinging Caption Contest

Stupid Headline of the Day

Key Republican joins Dems opposing Bolton nomination - CNN
Who is this "key Republican" CNN talks about? Check out paragraph number six.

But Republican Sen. Lincoln Chafee, who was defeated in this week's election, said he would block Bolton's nomination.

You have got to be kidding me! Calling Lincoln Chafee a "key Republican" must have been a dare by some intern at CNN. Maybe they are hazing some new employees. In all seriousness, they cannot be serious.

If Lincoln Chafee is a "key Republican", then my website is a "vital internet resource".

Thursday, November 09, 2006

RU Kidding Me?

(15) Rutgers 28
(3) Louisville 25
This is not my father's Rutgers Football team!

Rutgers is for real, finally.

After all those years of being a closet Rutgers fan, I can finally admit that I follow The Scarlet Knights with pride.

ESPN's Lou Holtz can kiss my Scarlet ass.