Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Worst Civil War Commemoration, Ever

Want to go see the worst Civil War Commemoration, Ever? Thanks to the lame-brained mayor of Franklin (TN) you can. Just don't bring any guns. Or confederate flags. I guess the next thing to ban would be dressing in grey, corn pipes, and those go-tees they sported back then.

Franklin Mayor Tom Miller says he does not want Confederate flags to be flown during a commemoration of the upcoming 1864 Battle of Franklin anniversary.
The ceremony would also be without antique rifles because of concerns expressed by Police Chief Jackie Moore regarding safety. (Source - Tennessean)

The Battle of Franklin was fought in November of 1864 in my hometown. The Civil War battle was the last major conflict for the once-powerful Confederate Army of Tennessee and saw some of the bloodiest hours of the entire Civil War.

Fast-forward one hundred and forty two years later and we have a commemoration of that horrible day and the Mayor (Tom Miller) wants to ban confederate flags and the Police Chief wants to ban antique rifles. That's like holding an air show but banning air planes. It would be like having a competitive eating championship and banning fat people. Come on Tom, this is so petty it's sad.

When I went to Franklin High School, our mascot was a Rebel. As a freshman, you would only see one or two rebel flags in the stands during football games. During my sophomore year, a group tried to ban rebel flags at the football games, suddenly you would see almost every fan waving a rebel flag and some students were even passing them out at the gates.

History has a funny way of repeating itself. Mayor Miller has basically guaranteed there will be hundreds of rebel flags waving in the face of his asinine decision. However, I'm not sure what that means about the guns.

One Small Step