Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Reelect Roger Toussaint, For Humor's Sake

If Roger Toussaint spent as much time trying to help his union members as he does glorifying himself, the TWU would be in a much better position right now.

Last year, Toussaint led his union on a 3-day strike over lack of a contract that cost the city hundreds of millions of dollars in lost revenue. During the strike, a city firefighter was riding his bike to work and was hit by a bus, both were on the street because of the strike.

In the end, the union members lost 6 days pay, the union was fined $2,500,000 and had to give up it's right to take member dues from workers' paychecks, and Toussaint spent four days in jail. Oh, and 288 days later - they still don't have a contract. Bravo.

With the union in financial ruin and still without a contract, Toussaint is running for reelection as president of the TWU. Giving him the keys to another term would be like calling Ted Kennedy's office for a designated driver.

So how big of an egomaniac is Toussaint? Well for $2 you can buy an autographed picture of him leading his thug troops during the failed strike. The funds go to his reelection fund.

Now, I thought about buying an autographed picture of Roger Toussaint and then posting a video tape of me burning the picture. But I thought better of it.

However, I will download the picture above, print it, and burn it for free.

(Source - AMNY)

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