Monday, October 23, 2006

Kenny Rogers: Cheat

"It was a big clump of dirt," - Kenny Rogers

Dirt? Looks more like the Tigers clubhouse ran out of toilet paper. If it is "dirt", they have some serious "dirt" there in Detroit and what's Kenny doing playing in it before a World Series start?

Kenny Rogers pitched a great game last night, however the "dirt" on his hand is what will become the most discussed issue of this postseason.

ESPN went back and looked at tapes of his starts against the Yankees and A's and noticed a little "dirt" on his hands for those starts as well. You shouldn't judge a Tiger by it's stripes, but it appears that Kenny is a cheat.

It was cold last night and the pitchers were allowed to blow on their hands to keep them warm. He also looked like he was doing a little more than blowing on his hands during the game.

Shots of Rogers' hand from Game 3 of the ALCS, left, and Sunday

Did Kenny Rogers Cheat in Game 2 of the World Series?

You can also vote at if you think he was cheating (60% think so).