Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Hot Wing Recap - Week 7

It's Week 7 in the Fantasy Football, halfway through the season and some teams are getting clost to being eliminated from the playoffs. The 16 team league is truely a league of the haves (The Columbia CRUNCH 6-1) and the have nots (Hot Wing Chump-ion 0-6-1).

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Mr Wolf Cleaning Svc - 22
Robots Eat Babies - 88

Mr. Wolf increased his score 1,000% from last week's 2 point showing, however he still fell 66 points behind my team REB. At this pace, he should score 220 points next week, watch out bRight & Early. Mr. Wolf did get 9 points from NY Giant QB Eli Manning, but I got 22 points from the Giants Defense.
MVP - Peyton Manning 32 Points (342 Yards, 4TDs)
Goat - Julius Jones 2 Points (13 Rushes - 30 Yards)

webcats - 40
bRight & Early- 56

It seems that Bye weeks hurt many teams this week, including the webcats. Not starting a RB was a bad idea. Starting JP Losman is worse. Webcats still have Losman on their roster, even though he has only 3 fantasy points all season.
MVP - Brian Westbrook 16 Points (101 Yards Rushing, 113 Yards Receiving, 1 TD)
Goat - JP Losman -7 Points (1 Int, 0 TDs, 3 Fumbles)

RFTR - 71
Hot Wing Chump-ion- 30

These teams are 1-12-1 combined, both had zero wins going into this week and I expected a -15 to -15 tie. RFTR, who has a habit of never checking his teams blew this one out.
MVP - Hines Ward 28 Points (171 Yards Receiving, 3 TDs)
Goat - Jake Plummer 2 Points (2 Ints, 1 TDs, 2 Sacks)

I hate Hillary - 39
fragtops' spewers - 75

"I give up" is how fragtops commented on going into Week 7 with only one win. Quitters never win, except when the other team starts Bruce Gradkowski at QB.
MVP - David Carr (projected points -1) 14 Points (224 Yards Passing, 2 TDs)
Goat - Bruce Gradkowski -2 Points (104 Yards Passing, 1 Fumble)

San Jose Arrowheads - 40
Gumbo - 48

SJA started only 7 players this week, I guess going 6-0 went to their heads. Gumbo is this week's lion-killer after entering the week 3-3. SJA now sits in 2nd place, I hear the head coach may be fired.
MVP - Alge Crumpler (117 Yards Receiving, 3 TDs)
Goat - SJA for not starting 3 positions and losing

Rose Hill Reddogs - 27
Hector Vex O-Trons - 42

RHR seems to be preparing his team for the year 2009 by starting Jay Cutler at QB even though he has yet to take a snap in the NFL. If I were the coach of Denver, Cutler would have replaced Plummer weeks ago, but that does not matter in the fantasy world. Holding clipboards and wearing baseball hats backwards do not get you points.
MVP - Tatum Bell 11 Points (115 Yards Rushing, 1 TD)
Goat - Jay Cutler 0 Points (3 Dropped Clipboards)

The Columbia CRUNCH - 64
Gridiron Wookies - 34
TCC lost for the first time last week, so he was looking for someone to beat up on to get back on track. Too bad for the Wookies, his QB ended up with a goose-egg..against the Texans.
MVP - Larry Johnson 19 Points (132 Yards Rushing, 2 TDs)
Goat - Byron Leftwich 0 Points (nothing)

Tax Dodgers - 70
The Ball Sackers - 53

The BSs had a great game from McNabb, TO, and Jones. Too bad the Dodgers had great games from 5 players and won the matchup even though Drew Brees was starting...while on a bye week.
MVP - Donovan McNabb 21 Points (302 Yards Passing, 3 TDs)
Goat - The Jags Defense for making Houston look like the 87 Bears on Tecmo Bowl.