Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Diane Farrell Wouldn't Know a Bold Idea if it Slapped Her on the Ass

Democrat Diane Farrell put out the following attack ad, which appears to feature some former backers of her opponent Republican Chris Shays.

However some research by a Connecticut Newspaper uncovered that the "Shays supporters" are not what they seem. Check out the ad.
Bold Ideas

I supported Chris Shays for years, because I liked his independence, but he’s different…different now
The grey haired man at the beginning of the ad claims to have "supported Shays for years" was identified as Dennis Murphy. The Shays "support" going back years seems out of character, since Murphy has been a member of the Democratic State Central Committee, and has provided financial support for Shays opponents as far back as 1996.

Nice try Diane.

Dennis Murphy was in hot water for soliciting campaign contributions from subordinates. He was supporting Stamford Mayor Dan Malloy a Republican (just kidding, he was a Democrat).

(Hat tip - RFTR)