Thursday, October 12, 2006

Advocacy group advocates for more fake voters in Tennessee

Election officials in Nashville have found more fraudulent voter registration forms filed by the liberal advocacy group, ACORN.

The forms were found with wrong Social Security numbers, wrong birth dates, and wrong signatures. Wrong signatures? What did the idiots sign their own name?

These new forms were added to the ones that were found in Davidson and Williamson County last week by a group hired by the Republican National Committee.

St. Louis election officials found 1,492 (that's a way to show Columbus Day spirit) "potentially fraudulent" voter registration cards also submitted by the nuts at ACORN. Ohio and Pennsylvania have also reported similar cases of fraud. Also in St. Louis, a former ACORN employee was fired when she told co-workers to disregard orders to suggest people vote for Claire McCaskill, a Democrat. PubDef has the interview with video.

(Source - Tennessee)