Friday, September 22, 2006

Weekend Caption Contest

La Competencia Del Subtítulo Del Diablo
(Source - AP)

Top Entries
10. I swear, if I have to listen to Helen Thomas again... -sgtfluffy
9. I'm splitting atoms... with my mind. - lawhawk
8. Your getting very sleepy. Look into my eyes. You will take out Hugo Chavez and make it look like an accident. - your sister
7. "The Devil? I'll show him what hell is all about. You think I'm kidding? Hey, not only didn't I stutter... I didn't blink either." - Troll
6. President Bush gives the U.N. the ol' "stink eye." - Wyatt Earp
5. All I have to do is give Chavez the "evil eye" and that devil, Karl Rove, takes him out for me. - Maggie
4. BUSH: I think Kofi's trying to pick my pocket. At least I hope he's trying to pick my pocket - Remulak MoxArgon
3. Bush: The next time I see that butterball, Chavez, I'm going to gouge out his eyes just like this...Ow! - fmragtops
2. "Read my lips..." - Rodney Dill
1.- Cowboy Blob

Photoshop Entries

- Cowboy Blob

Bush: Hey Kaczynski, can you hear this? Do you want me to turn it up?
-The Man

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