Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Drag Queen Dressed Like Cher Divides GOP.

"Cher" was set to perform for the Republican Gay Caucus at a GOP Convention in Atlantic City, New Jeresey last week. The posters were all hung, the makeup was applied. However, the proverbial "shit" was about to hit the fan.

Conservative Republicans sent out minions to tear down the posters and tried to cancel the show.

"We can't have THAT walking in the hallway...What if the press sees that? What if they report on that in tomorrow's papers?" said Diane Legreide, the state GOP leader.

Oh, just kidding. Take a deep breath and don't check Drudge for this story. It happened at a NJ Democratic convention, I was just messing with you.

The show did go on, but left some sour feelings among the convention attendees.

"Behind the Cher wig is an actual human being...And all these transgender people -- maybe guys wearing wigs, or women who cut their hair short to become men -- they are real people with real jobs and real aspirations.
"What is the Democratic Party supposed to mean if it isn't the party of all the people who are shut out?" - Steve Goldstein, founder of Garden State Equality,
I don't like Cher, but I love New Jersey.

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