Thursday, September 21, 2006

Boycott Citgo

Update: 7-11 Cans Chavez!

Comment from "guy from vzla": Get this. Citgo's president made a phonecall to channel 8 (Venezuela's PBS with the slight difference that the goverment runs it) yesterday to say that it was not 7-Eleven who wanted to take distance from Citgo, but the other way around!!!!!

Update: A Boston city councilor wants the iconic Citgo sign outside Fenway Park changed to an American flag. (via The

Update: Alabama developer urges all his contractors and vendors to boycott Citgo.

Update: The Boycott Citgo movement has hit Snopes.

Update: New York Gov. George Pataki will boycott Citgo.

Update: Citgo HQ's phonelines are jammed.

Update: Florida lawmaker wants all Citgo's removed from Florida Turnpike.

Update: Maine lawmakers want the Gov. to not do business with Citgo

Hugo Chavez had the gall to insult America while he was still on American soil (yes, the UN is still in the heart of New York). Let's stop handing over our money to this chunky dictator. Don't buy gas from Citgo, ever. Even if it means paying $0.01 more across the street.

And you can shove the gasoline you sell to Americans through Citgo, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Venezuelan national oil company through which you are bribing your way into international power.

It is, frankly, un-American for U.S. citizens to pour money into any bank account that bears the Hugo Chavez name, you being despicable enough to suggest that "the U.S. empire planned and conducted" the 9/11 terror attacks "against its own people" as an excuse to go to war. (NY Daily News)

Thumb Chavez

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