Friday, August 04, 2006

Weekend Caption Contest

Dear Helen Caption Contest
(Source - Reuters)

Top Entries
10. Bush: Can't...let...go. What is this stuff on your hand?Thomas: Pine pitch. I've started the mummification process. - Pam
9. - Cowboy Blob
8. President Geroge W. Bush shakes Helen Thomas' hand in a gesture of goodwill. Unfortunately Mr. Bush was turned to stone when he fell under the gaze of Ms. Thomas, The Queen Of The Gargoyles. - fmragtops
7. "Cripes, Helen - You reek of death!" - Wyatt Earp
6. "Nice to meet ya Mr. Dangerfield. I thought you were dead." - Rodney Dill
5. Helen: I can smile, because I'm the one who laid a stinky... -lawhawk
4. Helen, we've got a brand new office for you at the Shady Acres office building. There will be nice men there to wait on you. They even have complimentary jackets with nice leather straps and long sleeves. Your personal assistant is a lady by the name of Ratchet. Laura thinks you'll love it! - rt
3. As President Bush shakes Helen Thomas' hand, she slips him her hotel key card and gives him a wink! -Sssteve
2. Due to his intense CIA training, thanks to his dad, and Haliburton, Bush is able to give Helen Thomas the "Five-Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique" merely by shaking her hand.(That's why he's smiling...) - jimmyb
1. - Cowboy Blob

President Bush decided to take a souvenir from the last press conference held at the White House Press Room. Helen Thomas' left hand.
-The Man

- Cowboy Blob

- Cowboy Blob

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