Thursday, August 31, 2006

I Want To Be An Overpaid School Administrators Too!

Job Opening
Earn over $100,000 a year - with benefits!
Job Description: Enjoy a job where you can never be let go! Enjoy a job where you don't have to do any work...AND GET PAID for it! Push paper while more qualified people get passed over! Act Now.
Contact the NY City School System ASAP!
The "dance of the lemons" continues in the union plagued NYC City School system. The city is being forced to spend $5,200,000 this year in order to shuffle around 44 School Administrators that none of the 1,400 schools in New York want or need. These administrators will take their salaries, some over $100,000, and will soon become the most expensive paper pushers in all of New York.

The $5.2 million could have hired 80 new teachers that the children desperatly need, but the union contracts for these administrators protect them from being let go and stipulate that they cannot take teaching jobs.

Today, there are 44 excessed APs [without jobs] in our school system. These are administrators who have apparently been unable to find positions in any of our 1,400 schools, despite the fact that we have many vacancies . . - Letter from Schools Chancellor Joel Klein
Source - NY Daily News