Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Hot Wing Conspiracy Football - Team Preview

The Hot Wing Conspiracy Football League is ready for Season III. This season there will be weekly previews and recaps of the action on and off the field. We will also have contests and other football related goodness. The week 1 recap will be hosted here and it will be put out by a very special exclusive surprise guest.

Now, here's a preview of one of the favorites to win the championship, Robots Eat Babies.

Team: Robots Eat Babies
Manager: Me
Last Season: 5-8
7th Place (of 10)

New team name - new season. Looks like it may be the same outcome. I'm starting to think my fantasy football woes are my fault and not the waiver wire or my team's doing.

Week 1 matchup : bRight & Early

Starting Lineup
QB - Peyton Manning
- I have been trying to get Manning in the first round in almost every league I have ever entered. I guess it's the Tennessee Vols fan in me. Now that I have him, all the "experts" say you should not select him in the first round.
WR - Reggie Wayne
WR - TJ Houshmandzadeh
WR - Braylon Edwards
- I picked enjoy having Houshmandzadeh on my team because his name is worth something like 600 points in Scrabble. Wayne plays with Manning - so if he and Manning hook up, I could score double. Beyond Housh.... and Wayne, the WR corps on my team is pretty weak.
RB - DeShaun Foster
RB - Cedric Benson
- How bad is my RB situation? When I first saw my team after it was auto-drafted - the Patriots 3rd string RB was my #2 back. I will be a waiver wire whore come week 1.
TE - Heath Miller
Yeah, I have a good Tight End. Dammit.
W/R - Mark Clayton
Clayton is hurt, but he has Steve McNair at QB. I am not sure which is worse.
K - Lawrence Tynes
Can Manning kick?
DEF- New York
The NY Giants that is. The NY Jets Defense was not selected - for good reasons.
QB - Billy Volek
WR - Corey Bradford
WR - Peerless Price
RB - Laurence Maroney
The Titans signed Kerry Collins so Volek's days are numbered.

Got any suggestions? Please, I need some help.