Thursday, August 03, 2006

Chad Pennington Couldn't QB My Grandmother's Flag Football Team

I have been initiated into a group of football fans, officially known as "NY Jets Fans". This group exists in extreme states of hopelessness previously only seen by Custer and the fattest member of the Donner Party. I've been a "Jets Fan" for only two years, but they have been the longest two years of my football life.

While fans of other NFL teams can spend the pre-season reading about a hot rookie in camp and playoff hopes, Jets fans have a choice of two stories to read this pre-season 1) Chad Pennington is back! 2) Chad Pennington is on his back!

The futility of being a Jets fan is starting to set in like a bad case of genital herpes. How can you be excited about the season when your starting QB is not the clear choice for starting QB? Who is? On top of all this, the starting Running Back (Curtis Martin) may not be the starting Running Back! Oh the joys of being a fan of "Team Green".

Super Bowl XLI is on February 4, something tells me that I won't need to have my Chad Pennington jersey dry-cleaned beforehand.