Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Fun With AM NY

I have not picked on AM NY, Newsday's free paper, in a few weeks. I have held back posting about their blatant bias, seemingly lack of editors, and the strange letters they decide to publish until today.

First, they have a story celebrating the Geneva rights coming to Club Gitmo. Yippee.

With some of their stories, the paper likes to add a sometimes relevant quote from a sometimes relevant person. For the Gitmo story, they add a quote from Patrick Leahy a Democratic senator from Vermont. However, the quote actually came from Arlen Specter, a Republican from Pennsylvania. AM NY also lists Leahy as a Republican from Pennsylvania. Leahy a Republican? That is like listing Patrick Kennedy as a pharmacist.

True to the standards of AM NY, the silliness gets better.

Later in the paper, AM NY runs a column mocking security measures because "we've had two attacks on U.S. soil from foreign terrorists in decades". Later, the author states that subway rats are more of a "immediate problem" than terrorists.

So who penned this work? A security expert? How about a NY Times Source? No.

An "adjunct English professor". Hold the bag checks, an adjunct English professor thinks they are silly. You can bet a few hundred people in Bombay probably disagree with the assertion that terrorism is no big deal.

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