Friday, June 30, 2006

Weekend Caption Contest

Everyone have a safe 4th of July! This contest will run until Wednesday Friday (7/7) since I'll be on vacation and celebrating my 1 year wedding anniversary.

This one is dedicated to the troops and my wife. Each has a hard job and puts up with a lot of shit.

Dumbass Caption Contest
(Source - Marine Times)

Top Entries
10. Pvt. Shaw finds Weapons of Ass Destruction. - the man
9. The Democrats finally prove themselves useful during a time of war. - Pam
8. Who Let Slip the Asses of War??? - Cowboy Blob
7. "Hey Knock It Off, Your Screwing With My Shade!" - radio free fred
6. Donkey - $20
Saddlebags full of Iraqifina - $40
Snaggin the only piece of shade in the godforsaken Iraqi desert - Priceless
5. "...In other Iraqi news, Sumdik Hu Fukamule says US troops assaulted his girlfriend, and submitted this photo as proof." - fmragtops
4. Marine and unidentified New York Times "War Correspondent"... - adjustah
3. Unknowingly this Marine is frisking Zarqawi's replacement. - Renee
2. "Now, where did I put The New York Times? I gotta take a dump."- Wyatt Earp
1. They got me working my ass off out here! - Deathlok

Photoshop Entries

-Cowboy Blob


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