Thursday, June 22, 2006

Supersize This: New York City Council

The NY City Council is always busy with meaningful activities like: calling for the head of Karl Rove, mailing out campaign literature, lauding Cuba's human rights, bashing the military, handcuffing police, slandering our founding fathers, and other pointless activities.

Pointless NY City Council Action #423
Councilman Joel Rivera (D) knows that New York has an obesity problem so he wants to fix it.
Does he want to encourage people to exercise? No
Does he want to have restaurants to include more healthy food? No
Does he want to have a campaign to get people to eat healthier? No

No, Rivera wants to rig the NY zoning regulations so fast food restaurants are limited in low-income areas. Because the fast food joints are to obviously to blame for people being fat, not the people who do avoid exercise and don't watch what they eat.

The same places he's trying to zone-out are major employers in these low-income areas. If Rivera's "burger-free" plan takes shape - many kids will become unemployed (broke, but skinny). Also, what will Rivera define as "fast-food"? Will Mr. Softee trucks and pizza joints be lumped in with KFC and Wendy's? Will the list be determined by who sends the most campaign contributions? Will this also hurt the low-income residents who will lose access to cheap food?

This idea is harebrained at best, but as it's coming from the NY City Council - it is to be expected.

Joel Rivera- Democrat

(Source - Newsday)