Monday, June 26, 2006

Karl Rove Behind Boy Band Breakups

With the Bush Administration caught in yet another scandal involving the invasion of the terrorists privacy, Karl Rove has been mobilized for damage control. Bless the NY Times for standing up for the little man. Even the little man with a bomb belt yelling "Allah Akbar" on a crowded bus or in a nightclub in Bali.

With no tropical storms to manufacture into hurricanes, Karl Rove instead forced Kevin Richardson out of The Backstreet Boys. That's right; Karl Rove has orchestrated the breakup of The Backstreet Boys to take terrorist financial record tracking-gate off the front pages. Damn you Karl Rove, damn you to hell!

Karl Rove and his expertise in altering weather patterns to cover both Bush and his own butt has been well documented, the fact that his tentacles extend deep into the boy-band world has been a closely held secret until now. Even the NY Times did not have the guts to report this.

1994 - New Kid on The Block
Reports of the profits being made by George W. Bush while selling The Texas Rangers were cut short after New Kids on the Block broke up in 1994.
2002 - The Protocols of N'Sync
In 2002, the Kyoto protocol was rejected by President Bush. However, the news of N'Sync breaking up dominated the airwaves for months.
2004 - Ohio Minus One
Did you hear that Bush stole Ohio in the 2004 election? No, because Plus One broke up.
If our boy bands are not safe, then the terrorists (and Karl Rove) have already won.

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